Italy Will Pay You to Move to Beautiful Molise

Italy Will Pay You to Move there -- Am I Dreaming?

There’s a region in Italy that is offering to pay you to live there. Doesn’t that almost sound too good to be true?

The location is unbeatable, gorgeous Adriatic coastal terrain paired with stunning sea views. With its calming atmosphere and clean environment, this town is a true gem that managed to  preserve much of its character and rich history.

Get Paid to Move to Italy

Where & How?

Molise, Italy will pay you approximately $27,000 USD to move there. The picturesque region south of Rome, is offering roughly $765 a month stipend for three years, if you move to one of its many towns & start a small business in the community.

Locally called the reddito di residenza attiva or ‘active residency allowance’, the stipend is €700 a month for up to three years, or €24,000 (approx. $27,000 USD)  in total. Italy will pay you every month in order for you to pack your bags and fly there!

The idea of living in Italy sounds great, but living there while getting paid? Seems almost too good to be true. Guess what? It is true and  they are actually offering to pay you a good amount of money to come and live in the heart of Italy. Are you up for it? 

Italy will pay you to move there - Goldilocks Effect

Shall I say "Ciao!" now or later?


Italy is renowned for its incredible food and unique Italian landscapes. The world has fallen in love with their beautiful culture, kind-hearted people amazing food & wines. Whether you have traveled there or not, no doubt you have heard nothing but great things about this country.

The Molise region lies sandwiched between Puglia and Abruzzo in the region south of Rome. It runs along Italy’s east coast that extends from the mountainous interior to the Adriatic Sea. Known for its idyllic mountains, crystal-clear beaches, rich history, and relaxed atmosphere, Molise makes an ideal place live. 

Due to the region being less traveled by tourists, they were able to maintain this old world feel. Less tourism makes it a great place to settle down and to live peacefully.

Italy will pay you to move there - Goldilocks Effect

Why Would They Pay You to Live There?

Like the rest of Italy, the Molise region experienced a noticeable decrease in its population as younger residents leave to pursue opportunities in other countries.

The region’s president Donata Toma is hoping to convince people to come and live in Italy’s second smallest region. Molise is a relatively new mountainous territory with a population of 305,000. The region only came into existence in 1963, when it was relinquished by the neighbouring Abruzzo.

Donata told The Guardian “We offer tranquillity, no delinquency, fresh air, the purest water and a clean environment,” he said. “The people are very welcoming. You can leave your front door open and car unlocked with the keys inside without worrying … children can play freely in the streets.”

Sounds beyond idyllic to me. If you happen to be looking for a fresh start, this could be your chance!

There are a few conditions that you must follow to be able to move to Italy:

• You should move there as your primary residence.
• Choose a village with less than 2,000 people.
• Open a business that would benefit the local economy, like a restaurant, bakery, etc.
• In your first 60 days, submit a file of active residency allowance.

The program will initially be limited to 40 candidates, and if after a year things are going well, President Toma will seek more funding for more people.

To apply for relocation to Molise, Italy, send your request to:

Also, attach a copy of a valid identity document of the signatory and all the required documents.

Italy will pay you to move there -Goldilocks Effect


This is the opportunity that many people fantasize about when they are bored with their own lives; going to a new place, start a new life, and have their own business.

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I will say, after looking at the places in Molise, we still could be persuaded to make the move! It is an absolutely gorgeous country, and seriously cheap (especially after living in Seattle where the rent prices are CRAZY!) 

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Look at these amazing places--and the prices!

Airbnb Stays in Molise

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iCiao Bella!

The Italians have a phrase, Le cose belle arrivano quando non le cerchi, which means: Beautiful things come when you’re not looking. Perhaps you weren’t looking to move across the world, but have been feeling the need for change? Why not give it a shot? You get one chance at this life, make the most of it!

We don’t see a reason why would anyone not want to fly to Molise where the sea meets nature in the purest form, and where some of the most notable prehistoric sites and historic ruins of Italy located. Let’s not forget, of course, the marvelous and affordable Italian food that we all adore!

Safe travels! 
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Italy Will Pay You to Move There - Goldilocks Effect