get paid $1000 to go camping without internet

Get Paid $1000 to Go Camping Without Internet

Get Paid $1000 to Go Camping Without Internet

Get Paid $1000 to Go Camping Without Internet

Would you go 48 hrs Offline for $1000?

It sounds like a Facebook post we’ve all seen, a gorgoeous place in the woods with a caption asking if you would ditch all things digital and stay there for cash. It is usually met with a resounding “Yes!” 

Turns out, you may have a chance to do just that! 

Enjoy Some Outdoors

Satellite Internet is offering a weekend-long digital detox for you to get out in nature and enjoy some time unplugged. After being cooped up indoors for months and the endless Zoom calls, this sounds like a little slice of heaven for most. 

Twos days, away from it all, in an RV camped in one of our incredible, scenic National Parks. On top of that, they are going to pay you to do it!

Yosemite National Park
get paid $1000 to go camping without internet

Can you Really Get Paid $1000 to Go Camping Without Internet?

The $1000 Question

The worldwide pandemic has undoubtedly increased our internet usage, providing us with a way to work form home and stay in touch with loved ones when getting together isn’t an option. 

Would you be willing to give this up for $1000?

I’d personally do it for free. Since March I’ve been on my phone or computer far more than I would have in the past. Not only that, all this time at home has REALLY made me miss the great outdoors!

Digital Detox + Bonus

Satellite Internet is offering one lucky winner $1000 to camp out in an RV at a US National Park, on nights that work with their schedule. 

No RV? No problem! Satellite will reimburse you the cost of the RV rental. Additionally they will cover all food costs for you, which is extra cool!

The bonus is a $1000! They pay you $400 when you depart and $600 on return. A cool G for a weekend away, what could be better?!

Get Paid $1000 to Go Camping Without Internet
Yellowstone National Park

Digital Detox Challenge by Satellite Internet

Get paid $1000 to disconnect in an RV for a weekend

According to their competition page:

"We want a weekend warrior ready for awe-inspiring outdoor action in the national park of their choice. Whether you’re a city slicker, a suburban student, or a rural resident, we welcome anyone to apply who’s looking for a little more nature time."
Get Paid $1000 to Go Camping Without Internet
get paid $1000 to go camping without internet
Joshua Tree National Park

The Rules

In order to be in the running, you need to be above the age of 25 and living in the US. You must also be able to legally drive in any state you plan to pass through on your journey to the fantastic National Park of your choosing. 

You can apply for your chance for a digital detox here.

Enter the Digital Detox Challenge from Satellite Internet

Wanna Get Away?

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