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Usability Testing – Make Money from Home

Usability Testing is a great side-hustle for me, since I work from home, I’m usually on my laptop and I have time to take tests throughout the day. I average over $1000 a month testing websites, with my biggest week so far totaling nearly $600 in January 2020!

This is a great way to bring in extra income from home (anywhere in the world) with no training or previous experience needed, and no commitment.

This post contains affiliate links, for which we may earn a small commission. We only ever promote companies and products that we personally use and believe in.
Goldilocks Effect

What is Usability Testing?

Unlike other work-from-home side gigs, website testing is super easy and requires no prior knowledge or training. They’re just looking for average people like you and I to test how user-friendly their sites or apps .

Most sites require a computer (PC or Mac) & microphone (most computers have one built in, however if you need one they are inexpensive on Amazonor a smart phone to test on.

You will also need a strong internet connection and a valid PayPal accountMany also require you to download a Chrome Extension, and some require that you have a certain social media accounts.

Testing websites pays $5-90 per test, with the average being $10 per test.  I was recently offered one that was $60 for 60 minutes on User Testing that took me less than 30 minutes to complete! 

Typically these are short tasks, anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes, however higher paying tests ($60 for 60 min.) will obviously take longer, but you know that upfront.   

Then you’ll check out a website or app and provide your thoughts/feelings/criticism via microphone and sometimes webcam. That’s it.

Getting Started

To make a decent amount of money with usability testing and other micro jobs, you need to be enrolled in as many good programs as possible. I’ve scoured the web for the best sites out there, and made you a list of all my favorite side-hustle sites. I am personally signed up to all of these sites, and can vouch that they are legit ways to earn extra money from home.  

Since signing up, I have been getting offered tests every single day.  Check out my inbox full of invites:

I have included clickable links for each usability testing site for tester sign-ups to make it super easy for you to get started. It does take some time to get signed up to all the sites, so to help you stay organized I also created a printable version for you. 

Sign Up to the Best Paid Testing Sites

Here’s a list of the top seven sites, as far as user friendliness, payout and availability of tests. They are ranked in order of profitability which I averaged over the last two years. I’ve written more on each site below, but if you’re keen to get started, sign up and start earning right away!

Top 10 Usability Testing Sites 

  1. UserTesting
  2. TestingTime 
  3. Respondent
  4. BetaTesting
  5. Validately 
  6. IntelliZoom 
  7. TryMyUI
  8. Userlytics
  9. Userfeel
  10. Userbrain  

These 10 sites are the ones I use to consistently make $1000+ a month from home. I ranked the list based on price paid per testing session, and availability of tests. 


Usability Testing Sites

Sign up to several testing sites to keep a tidy sum of money rolling in with very little time needed on your part. If you just dedicate a small portion of your time to website testing you could see several hundred dollars coming in per month, which I know we could all use! With a little patience and diligence in responding to available tests you can easily see this number climb to $1000 or more per month.

UserTesting is the big daddy of testing websites. They have no shortage of available tests, and pay out quickly. They also offer higher paying tests, which is a huge bonus. 

Applicants must submit a 5 minute sample test to get started. This test can be done using a telephone to record your voice, but to take on jobs, a microphone is required.

UserTesting is one of the largest usability testing sites, touting that they are a proud partner to half of the top 100 brands in the world. Big names such as Facebook, P&G, HomeDepot, Adobe, Subway, Wayfair and JetBlue utilize their services.

I have had several “Live Conversation” tests that are typically 60 minutes for $60, but I have finished most in 45 minutes or less. I was once paid $60 for 25 minutes. They may seem a little scary at first, but the payout is fantastic!

Usertesting Logo - Best Usability Testing Sites - Goldilocks Effect

Pay: $10 per test, up to $90

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: Highest volume of available tests, “big money” live conversations for $30-$90 each

Tip: UserTesting has a steady regular flow of tests, plus they pay out exactly one week after testing. I keep the “available tests” position of my dashboard open in a tab, it dings each time a new test is available.

Testing Time is a usability testing platform that allows you to get paid for testing new products as well as taking part in surveys and focus groups.

If your profile fits a test project you’ll get an email invitation. Then, simply answer the question and pick times for the test that fit your schedule. Opportunities to participate will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

With Testingtime, you are likely to have two or three tests in a week. Each test may take 30-90 minutes minutes. For each test you take, you will earn up to € 50 per hour.

TestingTime also does referral bonuses. If you don’t fit the criteria for a test, but know someone who does, TestingTime will pay you to refer them. 

They will also give you £5 per new tester that signs up, so share your referral link once on board. Sign up today, let’s earn together!

Pay: Up to €50/£50 per hour

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: Higher paying tests, as well as paid in € (Euros) or £ (GBP) which are worth sightly more than the $ (USD). Paid referrals for tester & user recruiting, as well as for individual tests

Respondent is a research study platform that conducts surveys, focus group studies, and website testing. To get started, create an account using your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. 

Fill in your contact information, demographics, and employment status. Once everything is complete, you can start browsing projects and apply for ones that sound interesting to you. 

With Respondent I did a Home Panel study that sent me scale to weigh my cleaning products weekly in which I earned $1200 in 6 months, it was awesome and so simple!

They are also one of the few companies that will pay you to refer other testers. Sign up today, let’s earn together!

Respondent Logo - Usability Testing Sites - Earn Money Online

Pay: $10 to $125+ per test

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, Facebook or LinkedIn, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: Generous referral commissions (often $50 per participant you get to sign up for a study), high paying tests.

Betatesting (formerly ErliBird) works with startups to conduct private Beta tests. As it’s former name implies, worldwide users will be the “early bird” testers of apps and tech gadgets before they’re fully rolled out to clients all over the world. 

Once a member, you will have the option to choose from a list of available beta tests or focus groups you want to test and give feedback on. Clicking on one will give you more details about the test, as well as the kind of reward you want in exchange for your feedback. 

Sign up with my BetaTesting referral here to be put at the top of the invite queue!

Pay: $5 – $50 per test

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: Exciting tests, paid referrals

Validately is another company that provides a lot of opportunity for people to make money testing websites.  As far as volume of available tests, they are right up there with UserTesting.

I typically make about $100/week just from Validately.

The amount of money you make will depend on the kind of test you do, but typically they pay $10 or more per test. With Validately it is important to respond right away, as the tests are emailed to all participants, and are on a first come, first serve basis and go very quickly.

Your money will be sent via PayPal after verifying your submission, they are another company that pays out quickly. 

Pay: Usually $10 per test, up to $60

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work.

Perks: Tests are often very short and pay well

IntelliZoom  has 6 different kinds of “Studies” available; Task-based, Click Test, Survey, Tree Test, Think Out Loud and Card Sort. 

To get started they have you complete a test study with 6 small sections where you show your ability to complete the tasks. The test is very simple. Once you have completed the test study you will want to complete your profile to increase chances of being offered tests.

Most tests take between 10 to 20 minutes to complete, and payments are made via PayPal 10 to 14 business days after the completion of the study.

Intellizoom usually pays $8 per test, but sometimes more, depending on the complexity of the study. At first I was bummed it wasn’t the standard $10, but they tend to be shorter, and they make up for it in volume.

Pay: $5 – $8+ per test

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: Non-speaking tests such as “card sort” tests, high volume of available tests. 

TryMyUI works in much the same way as other usability testing jobs. You are paid to complete short tasks and give feedback on these websites.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to download their online screen recorder record a sample test video along with a written test response. These are simple to do and give you a good feel for the site. The screen recorder will record everything going on your desktop as you explore a site, including your mouse actions, the links you click, and so on.

TryMyUI pays the industry standard of $10 per test and sends payments out every Friday through PayPal. Tests are cleared for payment after being reviewed and accepted by their graders.

I typically get 3-4 tests from them per week and average over $100/month consistently

Pay: $10 per test

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: Pays every Friday, consistent with tests

Userlytics has super easy to perform tasks and pays well, typically between $10 to $20 (and up to $90!) for testing digital assets and sharing your feedback about the product. 

They pay out every 15 days, no minimum required. Each test will require around 20 minutes to complete and you will earn money once they have approved your feedback. They also have higher paying tests (up to $90) for longer and a bit more involved testing. 

The tests are on a first come first serve basis, so you want to be sure to respond quickly. They do email you when a test that matches your demographic comes up, so keep an eye or inbox, and turn on notifications.

Pay: $10 – $90 per test

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: Easy to use testing site, offers higher paying tests

Userfeel is a super easy to use site that pays $10 for providing your thoughts on various websites. Similar to Userlytics, you will perform short tasks while being recorded. To become a website tester, register for an account, and take a sample test.

The sample test takes about 15 minutes to complete. Make sure that you speak loudly and clearly and provide them with candid feedback on the test site. Once your sample is approved, you’ll start getting assignments by email. 

Payments are made via PayPal at the end of each week. UserFeel reports most members make around $100-$200 a month (myself included) meaning 10-20 tests per month available. 

Pay: $10 per test

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: Easy to use testing site, pays well

With UserBrain you earn money by speaking your thoughts out loud while doing a series of tasks. 

They give you “frame of mind” to be in, essentially putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer. They have specific guidelines for completing the tests, for example; you do have to read the instructions aloud for each section. 

They have a great example video of one of their “best testers”, so you can get a feel for exactly what they are looking for, which is super helpful when just starting out.

Each project takes approximately 5 – 15 minutes and you’ll be paid $5 per test via PayPal. This is a bit lower than some sites, but the tests are also a bit shorter to complete as well. They also tend to have more tests available, so the earning potential is still there. 

Pay: $5+ per test

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: Short tests, availability of tests, easy to use 

Bug Testing Sites

The next two sites take a bit more time and effort, as you are looking for “bugs” within the app. I prefer to do the usability testing, but both are another legit way to make income from home. The great thing is that they teach you exactly how to test for “bugs” in the system, so you gain a valuable skill out of testing with them as well.

UTest is a little bit more complicated than some testing sites. They actually have a UTest Academy, which is essentially a series of short tutorials where they teach you the ins and outs of testing with them. They cover things like how to look for bugs in the system, and submitting bug reports so that you can get paid.

It took me about an hour to get fully enrolled, watch all UTest Academy videos and complete my profile. Unlike some testing sites, you do not have to wait for an invitation to get started, which is huge bonus if you’re ready to earn some cash. 

They have a Projects Board with tons of available tests for you to look through and see if you’re a good fit. Some require a specific type of phone, or region of the world, which is easy found in the description of the test. When you apply for a test, much of your info is auto-populated by UTest, which is a nice time-saver if you are applying for several jobs. 

UTest is unique in that testers are paid primarily for the value they provide. Remember that you are providing a needed service for them, and should always put your best effort into finding fixable issues with the software for them. Testers who provide the customer with high-value bugs make a lot of money. The bottom line is that it isn’t hard to a decent tester, and you can make good money working at UTest if you put in some effort.

Pay: $4 – $21 per bug. Some tests (case studies) pay much more, usually $40 – $125 per case study. 

Requirements: Valid PayPal account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: UTest Acedemy teaches you valuable UX Testing skills for free, high paying test cycles

With Test.IO you are also looking for software bugs. Before you can start testing for customers you have to go through their on-boarding workshop. It consists of a multiple-choice quiz and at least one practice test.

In practice tests, they teach you how to properly document functional bugs according to their standards. You’ll need to know their Standards of Quality as well as other requirements from the academy, so you can gain a thorough understanding of the topics before submitting bug reports.

Test.IO is very similar to UTest, and most of the information from their academies are the same, so these are good to do together. You’ll be an expert at finding bugs and submitting reports in no time.

There is also opportunity for advancement with Test.IO.  As a Great Tester, you will enjoy a 10% payout raise, reserved seat in every test, invites to special projects, and the ability to to apply for a Team Leader position. To become a Good Tester you must have above-average performance scores: 65+ Reliability and 80+ Quality. Great Testers can potentially become Team Leaders on the test IO platform and further advance their careers. gives a $5 referral bonus, so make sure to share your link once signed up! Let’s earn together!

Pay: $2 – $50 per bug

Requirements: PayPal, Payoneer or bank account, over 18

Will need: Computer or Smartphone, high-speed internet, a quiet space to work

Perks: High-income earning potential, room for advancement, UX Training & a $5 referral bonus per new tester

Passive Income Earners


UpVoice is a super easy way to earn some passive income. Upvoice is an innovative market research firm that helps top brands make better marketing decisions. Companies need to analyze data from everyday users like you and me to make certain decisions on ad campaigns and to make overall better business decisions. 


Here’s How UpVoice Works:

• Sign up with Facebook to as an UpVoice panelist — Earn $5 for signing up.

• Once approved, you’ll receive a link to install the UpVoice Chrome extension (Must use Google Chrome)

• The UpVoice chrome extension will be used to anonymously collect ads that you see when you regularly visit Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, LinkdIn or Twitter on your desktop computer. You receive daily tokens that can be redeemed for Gift Cards to popular retailers such as Amazon, pre-paid Visa, iTunes, Nike & more.

• The data collected is anonymous and only used for providing brand marketers with advertising campaign insights.

After the UpVoice chrome extension is installed (and you stay logged in) you go about your day and never think about this app again, until you want to cash out. That’s all it takes to start earning!

In six months of having it installed I’ve earned about $50, and will have well over $100 by Christmas.  Free gift shopping anyone?


HOneygain - remote work home quarantine

Honey Gain is another great passive earning opportunity. The Honeygain website offers a program for Windows and macOS or an app for Android and iOS to share your unused internet bandwidth to data scientists and earning money in return.

The App is easy to use, and I found nothing suspicious in their privacy policy. So if you’re looking for a way to make some easy money, HoneyGain is one most straightforward ways to do it.

Enter promo code: FORUMBEE for $5 on sign up


Swagbucks is a company that provides various online income opportunities. You can earn money by referring to Swagbucks, paid surveys, watching videos, shopping, using the web and many more.

I rarely do surveys, however I am still making money from Swagbucks. 

The App is easy to use and they offer a referral program that pays you when you share Swagbucks with your friends. 

Better Banking

Definitely not a job, but it was part of my financial freedom journey. We weren’t always super good with money, and things used to be tight. We lived paycheck to paycheck and any unexpected expenses usually hurt pretty bad. Our bank typically made everything worse by charging crazy fees, once they charged me a monthly fee that then triggered an overdraft fee. $50 to the bank that day just for having an account.  Luckily there is a new type of bank on the market, fee-free online banking.

Are you being smart with your money?

Overdraft charges show up at the worst times, charging people money for not having money! On several occasions our “regular” bank (I won’t name names) charged us an overdraft fee on the same day we had a direct deposit, they just put the debits through before the credits. This is a sneaky way for banks to make more money by charging you unfair fees.  

Consider joining a 100% free bank like Chime which does more than practically any bank when it comes to helping its customers save. Unlike traditional banks, Chime operates fully online and doesn’t have any physical branches. That means something amazing, that they are able to offer 100% fee-free banking. 
No overdraft charges. No minimum balance. No monthly service fees. No foreign transaction fees. No transfer fees.
Plus, over 38,000 free ATMs nationwide.
Best part? You can also get your paycheck two days early when getting paid via direct deposit. If you’re counting pennies at the end of the week, those 2 days mean the world. No need to get up from what you’re doing, or visit a branch, it’s all online baby.
Earn a $50 cash bonus when you use the link
 below to open a new Chime Spending Account & receive
 a payroll direct deposit of at least $200 within your first 45 days.
work from home - remote work

Ready to Get Earning from Home?

If you’re looking for opportunities to make a steady income while stuck at home, they are out there. Consider which type of remote work sounds most enjoyable to you and do your research. 

So is usability testing worth your time? Absolutely.  Grab a cup of coffee and start earning extra money today!

By signing up to multiple sites — print or pin this list! — you are ensured a steady flow of side-hustle cash coming in. The best part is that you can do it in your free time, whenever you can fit it in. 

Printable Checklist–> Website Testing Checklist

Not Enough Available Tests?

I have heard people complain that they aren’t being offered enough tests. I have not found this to be an issue. 

Relying on one or two sites to provide you with a full-time income, will leave you disappointed. 

However, by signing up to all of these usability testing sites I have seen a steady flow of emails daily offering me a chance to make some easy money.

Usability testing is a great way to make a positive impact for both companies and the customers who will be using the site. If you’ve got free time and a desire to bring in extra cash, micro jobs are another excellent side-hustle. Read below for a list of companies hiring at-home workers now. 

For those looking to quit the daily grind and make an income online, read our post on how we  were able to leave our jobs and become digital nomads: 50 Ways to (Actually) Make Money from Home 

These are legit work-from-home jobs, both self-employed and freelance.

Still looking for ways to earn extra income? 

Consider becoming an Airbnb Host. It’s free to join and really easy to list your place. Have no worries, because all guests are pre-screened and Airbnb makes sure you ALWAYS get paid. Hosts make more than $1000/mo on averageSee below for more info. 

Renting with Airbnb can be an incredible way to boost your income,
pay down your mortgage faster or take those trips you’ve always dreamed of.

Top Articles on Hosting:

Good luck & Get Hustling!

We hope you found this article informative, and hopefully signed up for some amazing side-hustle opportunities! If you have any other great usability testing sites or fantastic micro jobs, we’d love to hear them in the comments below. We update our lists to bring you the most relevant work from home jobs and would love your input!

Usabilty Testing - Goldilocks Effect
Usability Testing - work from home