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Remote Jobs for Home Quarantine – How to Make Money Online

remote work home quarantine


Finding Remote Jobs from Home

During these times of uncertainty we know that finding additional income sources is on the minds of most families. While most businesses have offered employees to work from home, many people don’t have an occupation that can be done remotely. A lot of folks are finding themselves stuck at home and unable to work or bring in income. 

Making money online has never been more popular, and there’s never been a better time to work remotely. We love to write about gaining financial freedom by tapping into the online earning market, and hope this article helps you find remote work. There are so many jobs that can be done remotely with little to no experience required. 

We’ve pulled together from our articles the best online side hustles you can start today to start bringing money in quickly. 

This post contains affiliate links, for which we may earn a small commission. We only ever promote companies and products that we personally use and believe in.
Goldilocks Effect
remote jobs home quarantine

Working from Home in 2021

When we got serious about quitting our jobs and travelling full time, we knew we’d need to earn about $1000/mo. each. We started scouring the internet for remote jobs within our wheel house and were truly amazed at how many different ways there were to earn money online. remote jobs for home quarantine

So how can you make a reliable income while working from a home quarantine? Consider a mix of digital jobs. Having multiple streams of income is the best way to ensure your financial freedom. Here’s our list of the top ways to make a living when you’re on a home quarantine. remote jobs for home quarantine

Best Remote Jobs from Home

Remote Jobs for Home Quarantine

Test Websites from Home

Usability Testing is an excellent side hustle for anyone stuck at home, or anyone already working on a computer during the day. While the work is intermittent, the pay is good for simple tasks. If you’re already working online and able to take testing opportunities as they come up, you can make a regular income of a few hundred dollars a week. Pay is usually $10 for 10-20 minutes of your time, which is $60 an hour! I can easily make $1000 a month for only a few hours of work per week. The more companies you sign up with, the more you earn. 

This is our #1 pick to help you start earning money from home today. All you need is a computer, internet and a Paypal account to start getting paid for your honest opinions. 

remote work - transcription

Freelance Transcription or Captioning

Do you have a set of headphones, a computer and wifi? That’s all you need to get started as a transcribing or captioning with Rev allows you to choose from hundreds of transcription jobs, making it easy to create your own schedule. The faster and more accurately you type, the more you’re able to earn. Rev also offer free tutorials and practice jobs, allowing you to strengthen your transcription skills and boost your earning power anytime. 

I loved getting started with Rev because it felt like I was getting paid to learn transcribing. You know how much you will be paid per job before you accept it. As a Revver I make about $200 a week consistently, and I’m very near to becoming a Revver+, which has even more earning potential. As a digital nomad, Rev is the perfect side hustle for me. Stuck at home and needing money now? Rev pays out via Paypal every Monday for the previous week’s work. 

remote jobs - freelance

Make Money as a Freelancer

If you have skills in writing, editing, web development, or graphic design you can connect with clients anywhere in the world. Online freelancing platform such as UpWork make it simple to find work, or you can market directly through your own website and outreach efforts. It’s easy to use cloud-based software like Google Docs and Adobe Creative Cloud to collaborate with your clients. Freelancing is ideal for nomads, as it can be done based on your schedule and at your own rates. Make sure to give your clients a positive experience—once you’ve built up a steady base of clients. You really want to retain those clients, as it’s much easier to keep working with them than to constantly be hustling for new prospects. That positive experience can also gain you additional clients through word of mouth. 

Upwork is one of the most well-known websites of its kind. It connects business to freelancers that do all sorts of work for them.

remote jobs for home quarantine

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

While blogging and affiliate marketing will take longer to start seeing income, it is a still a great way to start making money online. If your long term goal is to move into making passive income online, a home quarantine may be the best time to start, you have plenty of time to get it going. 

Blogging and affiliate marketing are obviously two different things, we use them in conjunction with each other to really boost our income. A blog is still a viable way to make good money in 2020, and the biggest perk is that you can do it from anywhere. 

Affiliate marketing makes it simple to start earning income with your site before you have a ton of page views (that most advertisers require.) Our biggest affiliate sales come from the Amazon Affiliate Program and MagicLinks. We love working with MagicLinks because they make it so simple to get started. Once you are signed up you have access to TONS of retailers, and don’t have to individually sign up to each company’s affiliate program like you do with other sites. 

The Amazon Affiliate Program does require you to make 3 separate sales within 90 days to keep your account open, so we recommend signing up once you have your blog in place to give you the most time to grab those sales. We wrote a post on White Elephant Gifts that  got over 500 clicks and we sold over 100 Amazon items in 30 days during Christmas 2019. This was right after launching, and felt AMAZING!  That just goes to show you don’t have have a big following to make sales. Blogging and affiliate marketing take some time and patience, but the long term pay out is worth it.

We started our blog and e-commerce site in 2019, using Bluehost for our domain and hosting. We received a FREE domain and SSL certificate, and pay under $4 a month. As a new blogger they make it super simple and affordable, and we couldn’t be happier. 

Bluehost Offers:

        • FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
        • FREE SSL Certificate Included 
        • 1-Click WordPress Install
        • 24/7 Support
remote jobs - virtual tutor

Become a Virtual Tutor

If you have an area of expertise or are fluent in a foreign language, there are several online platforms through which you can work with students in need of extra help. Tutoring is flexible as you can either work on a scheduled or an as-needed basis. As schools shut down we are seeing a shift to online lessons already. 

Such opportunities pay well — the going rate is often $20 an hour or higher. MathElf allows tutors to work from an iPhone or iPad to offer to tutor whenever they have a spare few minutes. Superprof is the #1 tutoring hub in Europe and boasts that you can earn over £50 an hour.

remote jobs for home quarantine

Become a Customer Service Representative

Large companies such as Amazon often hire remote customer service representatives. Customer service is one of the most accessible fields for work from home jobs. If you enjoy helping others and have the patience to talk through problems, check out staffing companies such as Access Staffing & VIPdesk. To find a customer service position, you’ll need to ensure that you can make the customers’ time zones fit your schedule. While this is less flexible than some jobs, if you have experience in customer service, this may be a great remote job for you.

NOTE: Amazon announced they will be hiring 100,000 additional workers during the quarantine to help meet the demands of all the online shopping, as well as create income opportunities for those struggling financially. They are paying $2 over the minimum of $15 in an effort to help families in need. Those interested in applying can learn more at

Build an E-Commerce Shop

You don’t need a brick-and-mortar location to open a store anymore. In fact, the best part about drop-shipping is that you don’t even need inventory. Have a knack for online marketing? Know how to drive an audience to your site or Amazon listing? If so, you can use drop-shipping to make money by selling products that you never even hold in your possession. This makes e-commerce and drop-shipping the perfect side hustle for digital nomads. Check out Shopify’s guide to drop-shipping if you’re curious about how to get started.

You can also create your own affiliate marketing e-commerce store using Amazon, WordPress and WooZone like we have. 

remote jobs home quarantine

Work as a Virtual Assistant

If you feel that organization and communication are some of your strong points, you may find it rewarding to work as a virtual assistant. This position is essentially an office job that you perform from the comfort of your home (or travels.) Typical duties include responding to emails,  maintaining calendars, editing content and managing social media. Many companies hire virtual assistants through freelancing platforms such as UpWorkFlexJobs, and Freelancer.

remote jobs - teach english online

Teach English Online

If you are a fluent English speaker interested in obtaining education experience while traveling abroad, teaching English as a foreign language may be the perfect opportunity for you. In most countries, teaching requires obtaining a TEFL certificate, which can be earned in 4 to 11 weeks depending on your course preferences. TEFL courses typically include guided job searches so that you can secure a teaching position immediately upon certification. 

To learn more about TEFL certification and teaching abroad, check out the International TEFL Academy. For Americans who want to stay in Europe more than the allotted 90 days, getting a teaching certificate can help you secure a visa in many countries. While many English teaching opportunities are in-person, there are plenty of options to teach online too, such as:   VerblingVIPKIDVerbalplanet & Connections Academy.

remote jobs home quarantine

Sell Your Designs - Print on Demand

Have a great idea for a t-shirt? The ability to create digital art? Sell your designs on Redbubble. They handle the sales, shipping, printing, customer service and returns. Simply upload your designs to products and when someone buys one, you make a portion of the sale! Do the work once and be paid for it unlimited times, even earn money in your sleep. On average I make $15 per sweatshirt and $10 per t-shirt that sell, but you can set your own commission rates. There is no cost to set up a digital storefront, simply design and make money. 

Not an artist? That’s okay. One of the top-selling designs simply said, “Ok, but first coffee”.  This is my Redbubble Shop (still a work in progress!) Over Christmas my best performing designs were quotes from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, such as “Merry Christmas, Shitter’s Full!” I try to use phrases that I would find amusing or are trending. I actually have a huge list of slogans and ideas to upload, just need to make the time to get them designed (in Canva) and uploaded. 

To create your own Redbubble shop and start selling your designs, click here.

More Ways to Earn from Home:

remote jobs for home quarantine

Passive Income Earners


UpVoice is a super easy way to earn some passive income. Upvoice is an innovative market research firm that helps top brands make better marketing decisions. Companies need to analyze data from everyday users like you and me to make certain decisions on ad campaigns and to make overall better business decisions. 


Here’s How UpVoice Works:

• Sign up with Facebook to as an UpVoice panelist — Earn $5 for signing up.

• Once approved, you’ll receive a link to install the UpVoice Chrome extension (Must use Google Chrome)

• The UpVoice chrome extension will be used to anonymously collect ads that you see when you regularly visit Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, LinkdIn or Twitter on your desktop computer. You receive daily tokens that can be redeemed for Gift Cards to popular retailers such as Amazon, pre-paid Visa, iTunes, Nike & more.

• The data collected is anonymous and only used for providing brand marketers with advertising campaign insights.

After the UpVoice chrome extension is installed (and you stay logged in) you go about your day and never think about this app again, until you want to cash out. That’s all it takes to start earning!

In six months of having it installed I’ve earned about $50, and will have $100 by Christmas.  Free gift buying anyone?


HOneygain - remote work home quarantine

Honey Gain is a passive earning opportunity, the website offers a program for Windows and macOS or an app for Android and iOS to share your unused internet bandwidth to data scientists and earning money in return.

The App is easy to use, and I found nothing suspicious in their privacy policy. So if you’re looking for a way to make some easy money, HoneyGain is one most straightforward ways to do it.

Enter promo code: FORUMBEE for $5 on sign up


swagbucks-logo - make money from home

Swagbucks is a company that provides various online income opportunities. You can earn money by referring to Swagbucks, paid surveys, watching videos, shopping, using the web and many more.

I rarely do surveys, however I am still making money from Swagbucks. 

The App is easy to use and they offer a referral program that pays you when you share Swagbucks with your friends. 

Better Banking

Definitely not a job, but it was part of my financial freedom journey. We weren’t always super good with money, and things used to be tight. We lived paycheck to paycheck and any unexpected expenses usually hurt pretty bad. Our bank typically made everything worse by charging crazy fees, once they charged me a monthly fee that then triggered an overdraft fee. $50 to the bank that day just for having an account.  Luckily there is a new type of bank on the market, fee-free online banking.

Are you being smart with your money?

Overdraft charges show up at the worst times, charging people money for not having money! On several occasions our “regular” bank (I won’t name names) charged us an overdraft fee on the same day we had a direct deposit, they just put the debits through before the credits. This is a sneaky way for banks to make more money by charging you unfair fees.  

Consider joining a 100% free bank like Chime which does more than practically any bank when it comes to helping its customers save. Unlike traditional banks, Chime operates fully online and doesn’t have any physical branches. That means something amazing, that they are able to offer 100% fee-free banking. 
No overdraft charges. No minimum balance. No monthly service fees. No foreign transaction fees. No transfer fees.
Plus, over 38,000 free ATMs nationwide.
Best part? You can also get your paycheck two days early when getting paid via direct deposit. If you’re counting pennies at the end of the week, those 2 days mean the world. No need to get up from what you’re doing, or visit a branch, it’s all online baby.
Earn a $50 cash bonus when you use the link
 below to open a new Chime Spending Account & receive
 a payroll direct deposit of at least $200 within your first 45 days.
work from home - remote work

Ready to Get Earning during this Home Quarantine?

If you’re looking for opportunities to make a steady income while stuck at home, they are out there. Consider which type of remote work sounds most enjoyable to you and do your research. To start earning money NOW, make sure you check out our full list of the top usability testing sites. We test for these sites almost daily, and consistently make over $1000 month. Sign up today so you can start earning an extra $10 for 10-15 minutes of your free time. 

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