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How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Affiliate Marketing without a Website

How to make money affiliate marketing without using a website or blog.
No money required to get started.

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This post contains affiliate links, for which we may earn a small commission. We only promote companies & products that we personally believe in.
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Affiliate Marketing without a Website

In this post we show you how start affiliate marketing without a website. I’m sure you’ve heard about affiliate marketing, it’s one of the most popular ways for people to get started making money online. The idea behind it is that you promote other people’s products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to your marketing.

Affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing, a mutual interest between you and the person selling the product. It works in a way that is beneficial for multiple parties, which is likely why it’s gain such popularity in the last few years. Tons of brands and companies now offer a direct affiliate program, and their info will usually be located that very bottom of their website. If there is a brand you’d love to promote, check out if they have a program in place already. If you don’t see a link on their site trying searching for it, as they may be on an affiliate network. 

Many companies use an affiliate network which serves as a database of products, out of which the affiliate marketer can choose which to promote. Programs like MagicLinks and Amazon provide you with a database of MILLIONS of products at your fingertips. 

We love affiliate marketing, and it’s the top online income revenue for us.  There is no peer-to-peer selling, stock to buy, customer service, shipping or upkeep. Once you have your links in place it can be truly hands off and “passive”.  Most links are maintained by the company you are affiliating for you. 

While it does become more passive after time, we suggest that you consistently go back and promote your links on social media to see continued traffic to your links. It’s also a good idea to have your Pinterest set up to Tailwind Tribes.

Once you have created a product pin you can schedule it on a Smart Loop, which will keep pinning your products without you ever having to go back and re-pin. It’s an EXCELLENT way to keep your pins fresh and saving you tons of time. Click here for your first month of Tailwind free plus $15 off your second month if you decide to go Pro (it’s well worth it!) 

The beauty of affiliate marketing can be done from anywhere, and requires as much or as little time as you desire. For someone who works full time and wanted to find ways to set up passive income streams, this was an obvious choice for us.

Best Affiliate Programs for Getting Started

Some popular Affiliate networks include; Share-a-saleMagiclinks, Rakuten, ClickBank, Leadpages, SendOwl, CJ Affiliate and of course Amazon. In this post we focus on the easiest programs to get started with and what worked best for us when getting started. 

Amazon and MagicLinks are our go-to programs and by far the best route if just starting out. 

In the case of promoting consumer products, like tools, books, toys and household items, the biggest affiliate network, by far, is Amazon. However, Amazon lowered their affiliate fees in April 2020. Home items used to be an 8% commission, and now is only 3%. That’s over half my usual profits gone 🙁 

The good thing about Amazon is the add-on sales, so it’s still worth the effort. I will say that due to the commission drop I focus more on MagicLinks now when adding new items to Pinterest. In my example below I will use Magic Links, but the same principles can be applied with Amazon or any other affiliate programs. 

The Amazon Associates  program lets you promote any item that is sold on their platform, as does MagicLinks. With both of these programs you have access to all their products upon approval, unlike other programs that then require you to apply to retailers individually. 

Make Money Affiliate Marketing without a Website or blog

Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT a Website

To affiliate market you need a platform. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a blog.  Many social media influencers simply use social media like Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest and Youtube are also great platforms. Typically you will be providing an honest review of the item, a comparison with another item or simply showing it off and enticing others to buy.

With programs like Magiclinks and Amazon you can promote affiliate products without a blog or website. You can simply get the link for the product, grab a good picture of the item and create a Pin on Pinterest. This is by far the way I get the most clicks and sales. The beautiful part about it? It’s completely free!

To get started affiliate marketing without a website, you will need to sign up to some key (free!) programs. 

1. Pinterest Business Account (you can also choose to convert your personal Pinterest to a business account)

2. Tailwind (free to get started, here’s $15 off the Pro version if you’re interested)

3. MagicLinks (or other affiliate program)

4. Canva (or similar)

Additionally you can add other social media accounts. I use Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but by far get the most value from Pinterest + Tailwind.

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Affiliate Programs + Pinterest

Over 80% of the pins you see on Pinterest are repins, with only 20% of pins directly uploaded onto Pinterest or from a website. This means that if you post something compelling there is a GREAT chance it will be repinned. Pinterest did an algorithm update in spring 2020 that gives a great advantage to new pins. 

Each time it is repinned by a new person, it is exposed to a whole new audience of people. This is how a Pinterest pin lives on. 

A Pinterest pin lasts 1680 times longer than a Facebook post. The half-life of a pin is a whopping three and a half months, meaning that it takes 14 weeks for 50% of it’s audience to have seen it. 

Compare this to the 90 minute half life of a Facebook, which will have been seen by most viewers within an hour a half, and will get some straggle views for a few days, tops. 

Make the most of this long life by creating phenomenal pins with beautiful images, thoughtful titles, well written descriptions and relevant keywords and hashtags. 

With MagicLinks you can get a link with one click, add it to a Pinterest pin and start earning money, no blog required! 

Keep reading for a full walkthrough on how I use MagicLinks with Pinterest. 

Tailwind logo

Boost Your Traffic with Tailwind Tribes

To be really successful and get a TON of eyes on your pins, you’ll want to join Tailwind Tribes. If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen an ad for them. Most bloggers use Pinterest and Tailwind, and most have written about it. 

Tailwind is a MUST-HAVE for successfully affiliate marketing with a website. 

Why? Because it works.

Tailwind Tribes are a feature in Tailwind that allows you to upload your own content (pins you’ve made), to a group of people (your Tribemates) who are hopefully in the same niche as you. They then share your content with their followers and the pin gains in popularity.  We suggest joining a tribe for each niche you plan to post about. 

Tribes allow you to share your content quickly, and find fresh content to add to your queue for scheduled pinning. 

You & your Tribemates MUST share pins at a 1:1 ratio for every single pin uploaded. If you upload a pin, you MUST re-share one pin (we usually try to pin a few) for every pin you add

This one little rule makes tribes work very well for getting your content seen by many. If you are serious about getting traffic (and hopefully you are, traffic is KEY!) sign up for Tailwind, and join some Tribes.

Again, a Pinterest pin lasts 1680 times longer than a Facebook post. By joining Tailwind and using Tribes you will keep that (FREE!) content fresh and in front of a huge audience. 

Click here for your first month FREE and $15 off your second month. No credit card required, get started today. 

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One Click Affiliate Marketing with MagicLinks

We LOVE Magiclinks! They made it SO simple to start monetizing and selling products! Some of my favorite places to promote through Magiclinks are UncommonGoods, Target, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. They have TONS of retailers, and all links are one click to add.  

MagicLinks is amazing because they have SO many affiliate merchants. You can download the MagicLinks Chrome Extension and when browsing ANY site click the icon and they will tell you if they are part of the program. 

You can then grab the link for that item, and viola! You’ve got an affiliate product to promote. See some cool sunglasses on Make a post or pin about them and you could be getting your slice of that pie.

MagicLinks has relationships with more than 3,500 retailers and a product catalog of more than 500 million products from which to share and earn as your fans shop. You make money when someone clicks on your MagicLink and makes a purchase.

Unlike many other affiliate programs, you don’t have to sign up to each retailer, once you’re accepted to MagicLinks you have one click access to posting over 500 million products.

Making Money Affiliate Marketing with MagicLinks

The majority of MagicLink brand partners offer PPS (Pay Per Sale) commissions. This means you receive a commission when someone clicks on your MagicLink and makes a purchase. The cool thing is you receive a commission for the entire purchase, not just on the product you linked to. The item with your link doesn’t even have to be purchased!

The biggest key to success with MagicLinks is consistency and patience. As with any affiliate marketing program or social media platform, overnight successes are rare. MagicLinks suggests you will see the biggest rewards by creating & sharing at least 30 links per week with your fans, and logging in to your account daily to monitor data.

Top MagicLinks creators are making over $100,000 a year, just by sharing products they love with their fans through MagicLinks.


Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

The Amazon Associates program is probably the most well known, and easy to get started with. It allows its members to earn a commission when a shopper buys a product through a special tracking link. The percentage varies by category, but it is usually around five percent. Now 1-3% 🙁

In the Home & Garden niche, which I promote, they offer 8% commissions, (reduced to 3% in April 2020). 

The best part about Amazon is that once they click on your link, you get a commission on everything they purchase.

I know a blogger who posts recipes and includes links to slow-cookers on her site. She rarely makes sales on the slow-cooker’s themselves, but has made tons of Amazon commissions. How? They click the slow-cooker out of interest, decide against it, but later make a purchase of another item. Thanks to the cookies from that click, you get the commission!

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is simple and free, click here to sign up. 

Make beautiful Pins with Canva

Canva is an amazing tool that can help you design just about anything, from social media posts to business cards. Canva is stocked with fonts, templates and graphics you can use to create designs for your business. They even make it easy to learn the ropes with short tutorials you can watch here

Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect

Now that you're signed up, what next?

Get started affiliate marketing without a website today​

For the purposes of this post we are going to focus on using MagicLinks. Hopefully you’re signed up to MagicLinks, Pinterest, Canva and Tailwind and are ready to get going!

When I was just starting out, I just wanted somebody to tell me how to get started. I knew it was all possible theoretically, but where do I start? I’m going to give you a simple walk-through of exactly what I did, and how I started affiliate marketing without a website with Pinterest and MagicLinks.

What I found is that you typically need to have your MagicLinks retailer, Canva and Pinterest open at the same time. You will be going back and forth between these applications regularly. 

Once you’ve made your pins you can come back later and easily add your new pins to Tailwind. 


First, I converted my Pinterest account to a business account. I did this because I already had been on Pinterest for years, and had a decent amount of followers. Additionally, I already pinned a lot of furniture and decor, so it worked well with my niche. I then removed any irrelevant boards, changed my name to Goldilocks Effect and added relevant keywords and hashtags to my bio. 

I then made sure that all my furniture, decor and interior design boards had really good keywords and hashtags in the board description. This definitely helps your pins in that area get seen by more people. It’s important that you include an FTC Disclosure. To cover my bases I have it listed in my Pinterest profile, “I use affiliate links, so I may earn a commission for purchases made through my Pins” as well as tagging each pin with #ad.


Make money Affiliate Marketing with a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Pinterest Best Practices 

Pinterest rewards the pinner for making desirable pins (Attractive pin with 2:3 ratio, appropriate title, and detailed description using keywords and hashtags). Pinterest also rewards pinners who pin desirable pins, and penalizes the pinner who pins bad pins! A pinner who makes desirable pins and pins other desirable pins is seen by the Pinterest algorithm as a connoisseur of pins and gets the most exposure.

It is vital to pin these desirable pins to boards relevant to the pin’s topic. Currently, a pin pinned to individual boards, rather than Group Boards, receives the most approval in the system. Pinning a pin about, for example, finances to a travel board or a very general board devalues it, killing its momentum.

Pinning pins that are the same as your niche increases your exposure. Start following and repinning from people in a similar niche to you. It will increase your exposure and get more pinners interested in your niche following you and seeing your pins. 

Pinterest has made titles and detailed descriptions important to the value of a pin. Make the best use of these by using keywords and hashtags so that the Pinterest algorithm knows how to distribute the pin in their search engine. Detailed descriptions will also help pinners know what Board to save the pin to.

– Now that I had Pinterest ready, I was ready to find some links to add. I chose unique and fabulous furniture and home items as my niche, so I was on the look out for great Home programs. I went to MagicLinks and searched Home in categories. They give each retailer a rating, so you know before you start how good their program is. 

Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect

As you can see, they have tons of great Home retailers, and a huge amount of different categories for any niche. Some of my favorite retailers to work with have been Urban Outfitters, Sur le Table, Plow & Hearth, UncommonGoods, Nordstrom and West Elm. Select a retailer and find a product. Download the pictures you want to use. 

Once you have found a retailer with products you’d like to sell, you can start making Pins and adding links. Choose a product to start with and download the pictures. For the purposes of showing you guys how it’s done, I chose the Juliette Tufted Velvet Accent Chair from Urban Outfitters. As you can see, MagicLinks lets you know the estimated commission. I downloaded the pictures I liked, now I’ll head over to Canva.

Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect

Remembering the 2:3 ratio of a “rich pin”, we will want to head to Canva to make our Pin. Click Create New Design and select Pinterest Pin. This will be the correct size and will give you template options to get started. My suggestion is to start simple and work up your creativity as you go. 

Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect

These are some of my recent designs. Many of them are for affiliate products, and a few of them are for my blog posts. As you can see, I try to stick to simple designs when making product pins. I find using a grid where you can display multiple pictures for the same products tends to get more views and clicks. I go back and forth between adding a text box to the Pin itself. Sometimes I do add text, especially if there are special features to be highlighted.  Sometimes I don’t, and just let the product photo speak for itself. 

Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Adding your Pin to Pinterest

Now that you’ve made your Pin, it’s time to finally add it to Pinterest with your link and description. To create a new Pin, you click the red plus sign (+) in the upper right hand corner. 

This will open a box to create your pin. From here you will drag and drop your Pin from Canva, and add a title. 


Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect

I try to be as descriptive as possible in the title to ensure it gets seen by as many interested people as possible. While Urban Outfitters has the title simply “Juliette Tufted Velvet Chair”, I thought it could be more descriptive, so I added some extra text. 

From here I typically copy the text provided by the retailer, and try to make it my own. Again, this is where you want to add descriptive and keywords. I use Keywords Everywhere (a free Chrome extension) to give me additional keywords for my post.

Then add some relevant hashtags and choose a board that matches the product. Try to make your Pinterest Boards as descriptive as possible, and make sure you’re pinning to that relevant board. 

At this point you’re just about finished! Head back over to the product page, grab your link from MagicLinks and add it to the “destination link” line. Lastly, hit publish! Congratulations, you’ve just made your first monetized pin!

MagicLinks recommends 30 links per week to be successful, I strive for 50 a week, making 10 a day Monday through Friday. 

Next step is to get this pin in front of as many eyes as possible. For that we will head over to Tailwind to take advantage of their free Tribes and Smart Loop features. 

Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Tailwind Tribes

To get the most out of your pin, you will want to share it on Tailwind Tribes and add it to your Smart Loops. 

By adding it to your tribes you get other Pinners repinning your work, and it will grow exponentially from there. Make sure you are creating beautiful well-crafted pins to inspire others to share them. 

By adding your pins to Smart Loops you are ensuring that your pin get repinned at later dates, keeping it relevant and living on for a long time to come. 

Tailwind Tribes are free, as are Smart Loops. The Pro version gets you additional perks such as having a Queue of pins that sets your pinning on autopilot. After a few months of affiliate marketing with Pinterest and Tailwind, I decided to upgrade. Honestly, it’s so worth it, and a far better use of my money than paying for ads. 

Once you’ve added your pins to Tribes you can easily see how many re-pins it’s received in the upper right hand corner. Again, this is a free service! If you’d like to upgrade for even more benefits, here’s $15 off your Tailwind Pro Version, click here. 

Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Affiliate Marketing without a Website - Goldilocks Effect
Those are the basics to affiliate marketing without a website

The best thing to do is just get started. As you go on you’ll get faster, have a better eye for choosing products and making beautiful pins. I really enjoy making affiliate pins, and enjoy it even more when I’m making sales in my sleep. 

Remember that it takes a little time to start seeing results, but keep adding new pins daily and watch your new side hustle take off! 

Other Work-from-Home Jobs

I love to work for myself, but to be financially free I need multiple streams of income coming in. Since I quit my corporate job in April 2019, I work mostly from my laptop. The bulk of my time goes into affiliate marketing and my blog. I do however love to see my PayPal balance grow, and give myself a break from the blogging, so I also set aside time to do smaller contracted jobs to bring in additional income. Here’s a short list of my favorite freelance jobs that you can do from home with little more than a laptop.

Testing Websites & Apps

Testing websites and apps, also called usability testing, or UX testing is one of our favorite ways to earn money online.

Most companies pay you $10 for 10-20 minutes of your time, which is $30+ an hour! The testing is simple, you are getting paid for your honest feedback on their site.

We recommend signing up to several sites to be the most profitable with this side-hustle. Click here for a full list of companies hiring freelancers in 2020. 

The best part is you can work from ANYWHERE as long as you have an internet connection and a PayPal account. We typically earn about $1000 a month with usability testing, it’s an excellent extra income for anyone already working from a computer. 

Get signed up today and start earning right away. Check out our post about Usability Testing for the top companies we work with to earn $200-300 a week.


UpVoice is not a “job”, but it is a way to earn some passive income. Upvoice is an innovative market research firm that helps top brands make better marketing decisions. Companies need to analyze data from everyday users like you and me to make certain decisions on ad campaigns and to make overall better business decisions. 


Here’s How UpVoice Works:

• Sign up with Facebook to as an UpVoice panelist — Earn $5 for signing up.

• Once approved, you’ll receive a link to install the UpVoice Chrome extension (Must use Google Chrome)

• The UpVoice chrome extension will be used to anonymously collect ads that you see when you regularly visit Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, LinkdIn or Twitter on your desktop computer. You receive daily tokens that can be redeemed for Gift Cards to popular retailers such as Amazon, pre-paid Visa, iTunes, Nike & more.

• The data collected is anonymous and only used for providing brand marketers with advertising campaign insights.

After the UpVoice chrome extension is installed (and you stay logged in) you go about your day and never think about this app again, until you want to cash out. That’s all it takes to start earning!

In six months of having it installed I’ve earned about $50, and will have $100 by December.  Free Christmas shopping  anyone?


HOneygain - remote work home quarantine

Honey Gain is another passive earning opportunity, the website offers a program for Windows and macOS or an app for Android and iOS to share your unused internet bandwidth to data scientists and earning money in return.

If you’re looking for a way to make some easy passive income, HoneyGain is one most straightforward ways to do it.

Enter promo code: FORUMBEE for $5 on sign up


swagbucks-logo - make money from home

Swagbucks is a company that provides various online income opportunities. You can earn money by referring to Swagbucks, paid surveys, watching videos, shopping, using the web and many more.

I rarely do surveys, however I am still making money from Swagbucks. 

The App is easy to use and they offer a referral program that pays you when you share Swagbucks with your friends. 

Better Banking

Definitely not a job, but it was part of my financial freedom journey. We weren’t always super good with money, and things used to be tight. We lived paycheck to paycheck and any unexpected expenses usually hurt pretty bad. Our bank typically made everything worse by charging crazy fees, once they charged me a monthly fee that then triggered an overdraft fee. $50 to the bank that day just for having an account.  Luckily there is a new type of bank on the market, fee-free online banking.

Are you being smart with your money?

Overdraft charges show up at the worst times, charging people money for not having money! On several occasions our “regular” bank (I won’t name names) charged us an overdraft fee on the same day we had a direct deposit, they just put the debits through before the credits. This is a sneaky way for banks to make more money by charging you unfair fees.  

Consider joining a 100% free bank like Chime which does more than practically any bank when it comes to helping its customers save. Unlike traditional banks, Chime operates fully online and doesn’t have any physical branches. That means something amazing, that they are able to offer 100% fee-free banking. 
No overdraft charges. No minimum balance. No monthly service fees. No foreign transaction fees. No transfer fees.
Plus, over 38,000 free ATMs nationwide.
Best part? You can also get your paycheck two days early when getting paid via direct deposit. If you’re counting pennies at the end of the week, those 2 days mean the world. No need to get up from what you’re doing, or visit a branch, it’s all online baby.
Earn a $50 cash bonus when you use the referral link
 below to open a new Chime Spending Account & receive
 a payroll direct deposit of at least $200 within your first 45 days.

Edit: Since we’re living in England we thought it best to get a UK bank as well. Monzo is the number one rated online UK bank with good reason. Very similar to Chime, they offer your paycheck one day early, have no international fees and pay 1.54% interest on your savings account. After switching to online banking we would never go back to traditional banking with all of it’s fees.

Tell us YOUR Favorite Side Hustles!

What are your favorite “Make Money from Home” tips? Any great remote or freelance jobs we should add to this list? We’d love to hear your ideas and what’s working for you so we can share with our readers and grow together! 

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