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Tis-the-Season: Gifts to get you in the Holiday Spirit

All the Christmas Feels

The holidays are right around the corner, and we’re getting geared up to get in the Holiday Spirit. My birthday is on December 25th, so I’ve always been especially fond of Christmas. My Grandma has gifted me more Christmas decor (both homemade and Hallmark) over the years than I can even tell you–thanks Grandma! The day after Thanksgiving  our first year married I pulled out a big Tupperware of Holiday decor and my husband was stunned. He said “You could open your own Christmas Shop!” At which point I had to tell him there were 5 more bins just like it. Suffice it to say, I love all things Christmas.

Autumn is always an exciting time of year–gearing up for the holidays, yay! I’ve found my new favorite place to source ‘Holiday Spirit’ goodies and one-of-a-kind gifts; Uncommon Goods.  Founded 20 years ago by Dave Bolotsky, who visited a craft show and decided to create something that hadn’t existed before–an online marketplace to connect makers and their creations with shoppers looking for truly unique goods. The site boasts: We offer remarkable designs by independent makers, and we do it with a positive impact on both people and our planet. We love their products, commitment to the planet and that each item has a unique backstory.

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Goldilocks Effect

‘Tis the Season

These goodies are delightfully festive and unique at affordable prices. We’re proud to showcase the work of independent designers and love that each one has a story to tell. We’ve pulled together our festive favorites to get you in the Holiday Spirit, hopefully you’ll love them as much as we do! 

Cookie House Mug Buddies

These delicious (and beyond adorable) gingerbread–or dark chocolate cinnamon– treat is just a mug of coffee or cocoa away. These tiny, handcrafted houses perch right on the edge of your mug, adding “aaaw”-worthy charm to any hot beverage. And while they are very nice to look at, they’re so tasty you won’t mind gobbling them up as you drain your drink. Set of four. Handmade in Maine.

Holiday Sugar Cookie Tree Baking Kit

Make a towering tree of sparkling sugar cookie stars with this holiday baking kit. Visions of sugar plums are dandy, but your elves are craving something they can sink their teeth into. Round up those little helpers and this DIY kit to make a towering tree of 36 sparkling sugar cookie stars for a holiday centerpiece, hostess gift, or festive family treat. Just add one egg and a stick of butter to the kit’s pre-measured ingredients. It also includes graduated-size cookie cutters, sweet decorations, and icing piping bag for holiday magic in the making. Made in New York.

Holiday Cocktail Kit

Make winter cocktails at home with this set of four small-batch seasonal extracts. Rosemary brings out the complexity of tequila. Allspice warms and brightens rum. Douglas fir and nutmeg…well, you’ll discover their secrets, too, when you explore Amy Nazer’s cold-extraction cocktail ingredients. Use them to give your favorite spirits a fresh spin, or create a more complex concoction with one of the included recipe cards. (Amy worked with local distillers in Brooklyn, where she makes her extracts in small batches, to develop the recipes.) The icing on the cake? When you’re not up for imbibing an alcoholic beverage, they can also be used in baking holiday goodies.

Holiday Ale Beer Brewing Kit

Maybe you’d prefer home-brewed, winter-spiced, holiday ale? With this kit, it’s easy to brew your own special seasonal ale with a cinnamon-y, all-spicy flavor that’s malty and warm, but not too sweet. In other words, the favorite ale of gingerbread people everywhere. Assembled in Orlando, Florida with US-grown ingredients.

24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Savor 24 unique blends of soothing, finely sourced tea every day of the season.

Holiday to-do list: Presents wrapped? Check. Tree trimmed? Check. Five minutes of calm? Send this shimmering gold calendar to your favorite holiday busy bee so they can delight in a soothing sachet of finely sourced tea every day of the season. Each of the 24 teas is unique to the day, and offers its own special blend like Chinese black tea, and Scandinavian tea with cranberry and elderflower. All they’ll need is a favorite mug, a comfy perch by the fire, and maybe a gingerbread cookie for dunking. Made in France.

Four Seasons Mini Snow Globes

I love to decorate for all seasons and always get a little sad when I put away the holiday decor. Problem solved–snow globes for all seasons. What’s your favorite season? The magic of blossoms in springtime? The vibrant warmth of summer? The falling leaves in the crisp autumn air? The white blanket of winter snow? This set of mini snow globes was created as a way of treasuring the beauty of nature all year. Display one at a time to match the calendar, or set them all out to catch a glimpse of your favorite season anytime. They make a thoughtful gift for a friend who sticks by you through heat waves, drizzles, and the coldest of days, or remind a special someone they’re more than just a summer romance.

Personalized Family Recipe Board

Nothing says Holidays like adding a dash of love. Take a treasured recipe and keep a family tradition going strong. Preserve those memories on something sturdier and more beautiful than a paper card. This unique cherry wood cutting board showcases the ingredients and instructions for one meaningful dish. Submit a photo of your recipe card, and the exact directions are etched in your loved one’s handwriting. It’s a sentimental gift for your favorite cook, a child moving out for the first time, or a foodie friend. Also a great way to celebrate the loved ones we’ve lost at the holidays, letting a piece of them live on. Made in Vermont.

Hot Chocolate Vintage Silver Spoon

As this chocolate treat melts into a cozy cup of cocoa, the silvery vintage spoon reveals a sweet message. combines enticing ingredients like cocoa, natural vanilla, and just a touch of sea salt to create these meltable confections, and then puts a vintage silver spoon in each mold. Place one in a mug of your choice of hot milk, then watch as it turns into a drinkable treat as you stir. A thoughtful gift for any chocolate lover or collector of vintage trinkets, the spoon holds another surprise: It’s stamped with a secret message that’s revealed when the chocolate melts, which reads either “stay sweet” or “good wishes.” Handmade in California.

Chloe Hat and Mittens

“Tis the Season to get cozy!” Warm up with this sweet hat and adorable mittens. Beautifully hand knit by women artisans in Nepal, both hat and mittens feature sky-blue mountain scenes with lots of bright mountain flowers in the foreground. So what if your biggest winter climb is up a three-level outdoor parking lot—as long as you look adorably red-cheeked and pretty while you’re doing it. Handmade in Nepal. Sold individually.

Personalized Gingerbread Family Mugs

Create your own personalized mugs for the entire family. Sip hot cocoa, toddies, or mulled wine from a mug personalized with your own name and gingerbread person. Choose from wide 12 oz. mugs, perfect for cocoa with extra marshmallows, or tall 7 oz. mugs, designed with mulled wine and hot toddies in mind. Mix and match them however you’d like, then personalize each mug with hand-drawn gingerbread person illustration—etched into the glass—and the name of your choice. Whether you’re sipping peppermint mochas with family or boozy spiced cider with friends, the set’s a sure way to spread holiday cheer. Made in North Carolina.

Long Winter’s Nap Candle

Once the children are nestled all snug in their beds, enjoy the comforting scent and crackling flame of this candle inspired by the beloved holiday poem, “A Visit From St. Nicholas.” This candle’s soy wax blend features essential oils of cinnamon, vanilla, and woodsy clove for a sugar plum-worthy scent and wood wicks that crackle lightly as they burn for a nestled-by-the-fire feel. They make a great companion to curling up with your favorite book before a long winter’s nap. Let’s be honest, this time of year we could all use one! Made in Batavia, Illinois.

Mulled Wine Gift Set

As the harvest moon draws us to celebrations, enchant the senses with a warmhearted hostess gift. This mulled wine gift set captures cozy in the form of seven aromatic spices: cinnamon sticks, anise stars, dried orange slices, allspice berries, cardamom pods, whole nutmeg, and whole cloves. Infuse your wine (or cider!) and use the included zesting grater to grind spices and for a touch of citrus. The beautifully illustrated folding guide has lots of European-inspired recipes to try, or get creative and start a new tradition. You’ll want a second cup and, fortunately, the mulling bag is reusable. Makes six wine bottle-sized batches.




Chocolate Holiday Cards

You know when a card isn’t enough, but an actual gift feels just, you know, way too much? This treat strikes just the right balance: it’s a sweetly illustrated holiday card that comes with a rich dark chocolate bar. Flecked with sea salt and filled with a layer of salted caramel, it’s a fool-proof stocking stuffer, a sweet way to give your niece holiday mall money, or a way to say “thinking of you” to a friend who lives way too far away. This card contains a bar of dark chocolate flecked with sea salt and filled with gooey caramel.

Handcrafted Caramel Advent Calendar

Delicious small-batch caramels in intriguing flavors. Savor traditional flavors, like vanilla, coffee bean and cinnamon, as well as unexpected ones, like scotch, clove, Hawaiian sea salt,and fresh ginger. No artificial flavors, no corn syrup⁠—just top-notch ingredients: real New Hampshire maple syrup and dairy picked up daily from a farm in Massachusetts. The calendar features adorable animal illustrations by artist Cindy Hendrick, which makes this a sweet gift for hostesses, favorite coworkers, or…yourself. Handmade in small batches in copper kettles in Massachusetts.

Winter Season Maple Syrup Gift Set

Experience an epiphany: maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes (!!!). This is your trio of secret ingredients for the most festive holiday fare: barrel-aged bourbon maple syrup with warm vanilla notes, refreshing peppermint maple syrup, and a perfectly spiced gingerbread maple syrup. Try drizzling the bourbon flavor on roasted carrots with a bit of cayenne. Layer the peppermint onto chocolate ice cream or into a holiday cocktail. Add the gingerbread to your favorite marinade. Not convinced yet? Maple syrup contains more than sixty five minerals and antioxidants, with just two thirds the sucrose as sugar. Harvested in Vermont.

Birthstone Ornaments

The most wonderful time of the year? Her birthday, of course. Celebrate with these one-of-a-kind, blown glass globes. There’s a colorful bulb matched up with each month, along with an insert explaining the lovable qualities people born at that time share.

Plus, there’s an unexpected detail that makes these decorations extra special: each contains rock dust from the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens, offering a rare connection to what lies beneath Earth’s surface—major for nature lovers, and a meaningful gift for anyone who colors your world happy. Handmade by artisans in Washington–my home state! 

Holiday Candle Trio

The moment you bring the tree into the house and the boughs brush against the door jambs, filling the air with the tang of greenery. The dying fire on Christmas Eve with its smoky, woodsy scent. The rich, sugary you-can-almost-taste-it smell of holiday treats in the oven. Guess what? They’re not just for holidays. With this trio of candles, in vanilla amber, fir, and fireside embers, you can inhale Christmas year-round. Even unscrewing the jars is like opening a gift; decorative papers inside each lid evoke holiday wonder. Hand-poured in small batches by four (Christmas-loving) women in Boston.

Geode State Ornaments

These states-shaped, stoneware ornaments feature crackled glass glazed surfaces resembling the crystalline, geological complexity of geode cross-sections, these stoneware and glass glazed ornaments bring handcrafted beauty to your holiday tree—along with some festive state pride. The organic interaction of stoneware, glass, and colored glazes produces a unique, crackled surface that looks like a geode slice, with fascinating variations that make each ornament a one-of-a-kind homage to your favorite state. Handmade by Kerry Brooks in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

Personalized Night Before Christmas Book

No better way to get into the Christmas Spirit than with a personalized Christmas story. Your little one will know they made the “nice list” when they open this sweet, personalized Christmas book. The classic 1823 poem on which this colorful book is based, “The Night Before Christmas,” was originally intended for the children of the author, making it a perfect gift from parent to child. The child’s name is sprinkled throughout the book, along with up to 4 names of other family members or close friends, and even a beloved pet. Perfect for children ages 0 to 12. Made in Minnesota.

Snow Gauge

Form meets function in this charming snow gauge. Inch marks climb up the steel design, measuring up to three feet and topped with a sweet snowflake. Use the included stakes to place the gauge near a window, so you can watch the snow pile up–and kiddos can eagerly wait for the flakes to reach snow day status. 

Nordic Tea Light Trough

Create a warm glow with this Scandinavian-inspired tea light holder, lined with evergreen tree silhouettes. Rather than just a single candle, it hosts a whole row of them, tucked behind the silhouetted branches of an evergreen forest. This warm, shimmering landscape makes a welcoming centerpiece for your dinner table or smorgasbord, as well as looking at home on your mantle or console table.

Holiday Chocolate Bark Trio

Indulge your seasonal craving with one classic and two new versions of the beloved Christmas confection.  The classic white/milk chocolate peppermint bark, coconut-almond, and festive gingerbread. This trio of Holiday Bark is sure to get you in the spirit!

Cold Weather Comfort Tea Gift Set

These four tea creations will bring warm, exquisite comfort during the cold winter months, and come packaged in four beautifully illustrated recycled steel tins enclosed in a sweet kraft paper box. Handmade in Bellingham, Washington.

Chocolate Christmas Coal

Last but not least, for those who may have found themselves on the Naughty List this year–Chocolate Coal. These realistic, candy-coated treats are filled with delectable chocolate that even Santa will be sampling. A great stocking stuffer for loved ones with a mischevious sense of humor, or the chocolate-loving friend who’s always up for a laugh (ho, ho, ho?). Handcrafted by chocolatiers in New Jersey.

'Tis better to give than receive

I’ve always loved being a gift-giver and finding that “just right” gift for my loved ones. These hand-crafted and unique items really fit the bill for me. We hope you enjoyed this collection and maybe found some goodies to get you & yours in the Christmas Spirit.

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