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Timeless Toddler & Preschool Toys

Gifts that are Built to Last

Finding the best gifts for toddlers can be a lot of fun. Unlike babies, they actually play with their toys, and you can play right along side them! The thing about toddlers is they grow FAST. In the blink of an eye they’ll lose that baby-look and become “big kids”!

That’s why we think it’s so important to chose toys that will grow with them into their preschool years. We’ve selected (and update often!) one-of-a-kind and educational gifts for kiddos in the toddler to preschool range, approximately ages 2-6.

These are gifts that your child will not only want to play with, but will also stand the test of time. We have a passion for wooden toys, not only for the planet but for the child’s sensory development. Non-plastic toys last longer as well, and won’t end up in our oceans or landfills.

We aim to find the best unique gifts that are fun, educational and durable. These thoughtful gifts will last, and provide hours of creative and imaginary play.

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toddler and preschool toys

Timeless Toys for Toddlers and Up

Whether you’re looking for building blocks, creative play, wooden toys, or toys that inspire the imagination, here are the best gifts for toddlers for 2020. We’ve also got the best gifts for babies and kids who are a little older, too! Check out all of our Gift Guides to make gifting a breeze this year!

Portable Wooden Dollhouse Set

Complete with happy occupants, colorful furnishings and landscaping accents, you can consider this portable dollhouse your little one’s take-on-vacation home.

Wooden Baby Barn Play Set

Encourage imaginative play with a colorful barn play set that includes animal, farmer and tractor figurines that all pack up for portable convenience.

Fox Ride-On Toy

Carved from solid wood with durable rubber wheels, this fox ride offers smooth, fun-filled rides. Great for learning balance and staying active.

Lincoln Logs

100th Anniversary of Lincoln Logs, a timeless toy if there ever was one. Anniversary tin will evoke nostalgia in older generations and bring happiness to children.

Energy Efficient Green Dollhouse & Garden

We envy the lucky dolls who’ll dwell in this chic, green model mini-home. Its minimalistic design and multiple sustainability features are designed for fun, imaginative play that’s secretly educational, too. The wind turbine, solar panel, recycling bins, and veggie garden will help plant the seeds of environmentally-conscious living.

Meanwhile, the kids are having a blast role playing in scenarios spun from their own imaginations. It’s even manufactured with wood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex that otherwise would have been burned. Includes all the furniture and garden tools; BYOD (dolls). 

Flower Garden Building Toy

Learn about the parts of a plant with this bright, colorful STEM garden toy to help hand-eye coordination and develop children’s fine motor skills and color,shape recognition, creativity and imagination.

Canvas Teepee Tent

Encourage imaginative play with a space of their own. The front can be open or closed completely, offering kids personal space for little ones. Made of 100% natural cotton canvas & sturdy pine wood poles.

Musical Instruments Set

A perfect set of inspiring toys that allows toddlers to move, feel the rhythm, discover their musical talents.

Meerkat Bowling

Great for motor skills, this irresistible bowling set’s meerkat “pins” and ball are made from sustainable, non-toxic wood. Right up any kid’s alley!
timeless toddler toys and gifts

Reach for the Clouds Rocker

This plush rocker will take your darling off to dreamy lands with its fluffy, sleepy cloud with plush, quilted saddle.

Peacock JoyRides™ Rocker

Strut your stuff and flaunt your feathers with this fun plush rocking peacock toy built with wood struts wood & made to last.

Janod Scooter Balance Bike

Before your toddler gets on the saddle of a big kid bike, they will need to learn to maintain their balance on a durable wooden bike.

Modeled after a retro motor scooter, your kiddo will be cruising the pathways in no time without the use of training wheels. It has an adjustable seat so tots big and small can remain comfortable as they ride with confidence.


Plush Organs

It takes a lot of guts to share what you’ve got going on inside, but these plush pals give tough topics—from sickness to surgery—a soft touch. Wendy Bryan, an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all their functions, organ-ized this charming line of stuffed guts that are designed to keep things light.

Little Patient

It’s what’s inside that counts, and this adorable character proves it! Zipped inside Erwin’s tummy, tiny surgeons will find six essential organs: lungs, heart, intestines, liver, spleen, and kidneys. The children will have a blast identifying each one in the included booklet and learning more about its very important role in our bodies. 

Little Vet Set

Playing doctor is even more adorable when the patient’s a pup and your kiddo has this fun veterinarian toy set.

Little Dentist Set

Teach kids oral hygiene basics, while diminishing dental visit fear, with this clever toy set.

Play and Go Storage Mat

This clever color-your-own play mat fosters creativity, then becomes a storage sack that does away with clutter.

Doorbell Dollhouse

Four doors — each with its own chime, lock, and key — provide entry to a charming wooden house with a quartet of sweet dolls inside.
timeless toddler and preschool toys

Dust, Sweep & Mop Toy Set

Little ones love to “help out” around the house. Now they can practice with this Melissa & Doug play set with everything they need to keep the house clean.

Deluxe Vehicle Activity Rug Set

Endless adventures and fun will be had with this activity rug set that includes train cars, vehicles, traffic signs and an oval train track with bridge and crossing for hours or imaginative fun. 

Mars Colony Play Set

Kids can play “house” on Mars with this inventive space station set. Vroom around in rovers, blast off in rockets, tend a martian garden, and explore the red planet (with space kitties!)

Painted Wood Blocks

This colorful 100-piece shaped block set helps your little one learn building and balancing.

Wooden Rainbow Set

Colorful, arched building blocks can be used as tunnels, little houses, hills, rocking chairs or beds for little dolls… let your imagination lead!   

Light Blocks

Build your own imaginative block sculpture and then make it glow with sound.

Electric Light Blocks Set

Create bright cityscapes and glowing creatures with these building blocks that light up as you play.

Noah's Ark

Spark your youngster’s imagination while developing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills with this colorful ark and cutout animal shapes.

Latches Barn

Help your little one develop fine motor skills, color and animal recognition with a bright red barn with assorted locks and latches that open to reveal barnyard friends.

Green Market
Play Set

Encourage imaginative play with this fun set featuring market essentials, including colorful wooden fruit and currency. 
Includes stand, six bins, sign, awning, two shelves, scale, cash register, play money, chalkboard, chalk, clock, three shopping bags, five food boxes, three apples, three potatoes, three carrots, three bananas, three strawberries and three beets.

Pop-Up Toaster
Breakfast Toy Set

This Pop-Up Toaster toy kitchen set contains premium wooden Toaster with an exclusive designed chopping board, 3 slices of butter and 2 slices of bread, knife, poached egg and a bottle of honey bear.

My Picnic
Pretend Play Set

Encourage indoor and outdoor imaginative play time with this colorful retro-inspired floral set with wooden plates, utensil and bowl. Cheerful pitcher and glasses, tablecloth and napkins complete the picnic set. 

Fill & Fold
Mexican Food Play Set

Your lil chef can host taco night with this 44-piece play set that includes everything one needs to chop, cook, fill and serve a taco, fajita or burrito.

41-Piece Star Diner Restaurant Play Set

Kids’ imaginations can cook up lots of fun with this play set that includes everything for a satisfying visit to a diner—for breakfast lunch or dinner.

Plate & Utensils

With a dino spoon, fork, and pusher, little eaters will always be excited to clean their plate.

Plate & Utensils

Make every meal a construction site of fun with this plate and set of equipment-inspired utensils.

Plate & Utensils

Even picky eaters will be eager to harvest their veggies with this dining set and bounty of utensils.

Bamboo Fox Cub Suction Plate

Eco friendly bamboo plate with suction grips the high chair tray or kiddie table to prevent spills, flips and throws.

Avocado Plushie

This totally adorable plush avocado is ready to avocuddle with your little one.

Octopus Plushie

Plush octopus with eight floppy tentacles makes for a perfect cuddling companion.

Sweet Dreams
Night Light

Ease into bedtime with the aid of this soothing light that fades gently as your child falls asleep.

Deluxe Teepee Play Tent

The ultimate teepee playhouse, compler with window, twinkle lights, bunting (flags) & non-slip floor. Big enough for two to play, this teepee is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 

Personalized Monster Town Adventure Book

During their visit to Monster Town, your child helps their new friends deal with different feelings.

Goodnight Little Me Book (Personalized )

Treat your little one to a personalized goodnight, courtesy of this beautifully illustrated custom book.

Illuminated Doodle Pillowcase

This amazing pillowcase that lets little night owls draw with light. Just doodle in the cartoon cloud or heart with the included light pen (or any light source, like your phone flashlight), and your scribble will glow for about five minutes.

 The luminescent lines gradually fade, leaving a clean canvas for the next nocturnal masterpiece. No-mess fun for slumber parties or nightly creations, it’s 100% cotton and machine washable.

We hope you were able to find the perfect timeless gift for the growing toddler in your life. Our goal was to source gifts that had great reviews, were built with solid materials, and for the most part, are plastic-free. For more “just right” gift ideas check out our collection of Gift Guides here

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