gifts for book lovers

Gifts for Book Lovers

The Perfect Literary Gifts for the Book Lover in your Life

Winter is here, the days are shorter and we’re already dreaming of Christmas. On these chilly dark days there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and being transported into another world. It’s literally my favorite part of this time of year. I’m sure you all know someone who is the same, more comfortable with some good literature and a cozy corner than they’ll ever be at the Holiday Party. While a book is a welcome gift for any bibliophile, it’s hard to buy literature for someone else. Lucky for you there’s also plenty of other delightful, reading-related products out there. We’ve pulled together our favorite library, literature and book lovers gifts to help you find that “just right” gift to put a smile on your favorite book lover’s face. I think the Literary Insults print is my absolute fave, but the personalized Library Card Pillow is hard to beat. 

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Goldilocks Effect

Literary Mugs

Imagine being able to curl up with a warm drink and the words of your favorite author, no matter where you are. These charming stoneware mugs are covered in quotes and phrases from iconic writers, like little sips of the world’s great books. There’s Jane Austen, for those who are steeped in the complexities of human relationships. If you’re dreaming of adventure, try drinking from the purple prose of the Bronte Sisters. The whimsey of Lewis Carroll can transform the most hectic day into a madcap tea party. And if your workday has taken a dark turn, well, Edgar Allen Poe can keep you company. 

Do you know someone who constantly has their nose in a book? Or at least wants to? This print  is the perfect gift for the eternal book worm in your life. Add this beautiful bookish print to your library or add to a gallery wall showcasing everything that makes your style unique.

  • Natural white, matte, ultra smooth background
  • 100% cotton, acid and lignin-free archival paper.
  • Every order is custom made just for you by Society 6
  • Great gift for the book lover on your list

Foldable Book Lamp

Subvert the design of traditional book lamp with soft glow of this “book” lamp. When you see it, you will think it should be a book, but if you open it, it will light up your world! Magnet cover design with custom magnets inside, make it foldable as any shape you want, place it on anywhere you want. And also, it can cast a lighting from 90 degree to 360 degree for perfect amount of light needed.  Made of safe, durable and water resistant paper for interior and high quality white maple wood for cover, the unique foldable design makes it easy to carry, put it in your bag and take it to anywhere you want at anytime!

Literary Insults Chart

Imagine being able to curl up with a warm drink and the words of your favorite author, no matter where you are. These charming stoneware mugs are covered in quotes and phrases from iconic writers, like little sips of the world’s great books. There’s Jane Austen, for those who are steeped in the complexities of human relationships. If you’re dreaming of adventure, try drinking from the purple prose of the Bronte Sisters. The whimsey of Lewis Carroll can transform the most hectic day into a madcap tea party. And if your workday has taken a dark turn, well, Edgar Allen Poe can keep you company. 

Well-Read Women: A Reader’s Journal

Filled with watercolor portraits of literature’s most beloved female characters, this beautiful journal by artist Samantha Hahn lets readers record what they’ve read, reflect on their favorite passages, and remember important moments in the story. A satin ribbon bookmark lets you keep your place, while a comprehensive list of prize-winning fiction titles lets you plan your next reading adventure. 

Literary Scarves

Then these infinity scarves are the perfect way for you to show off some literary love in any weather. Each circular scarf is silkscreened by hand with passages from some of the world’s great books, letting you cheer on Jane Eyre, go through the ups and downs of romance with Sense and Sensibility, take a tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland, or citations from Mr. Darcy with Pride and Prejudice. 

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

From Wonderland to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, these posters invite you and the kiddos to read your way through 100 iconic books. As you do, use a coin to scratch off each title and reveal the literary artwork underneath. The collections cover classics like James and the Giant Peach and Wuthering Heights, as well as works in the contemporary canon like The Hunger Games and American Psycho. It’s an interactive way for any bookworm to enjoy essential reading. Made in the UK, which gave us Macbeth, Pride and Prejudice, and the Harry Potter series.

Literary Lovers Bookmark Necklace

Read all about it—this handcrafted pendant doubles as a fully functional bookmark. Simply slip the chain on or off depending on whether you’re accessorizing or page-saving. Artist Puja Bhargava Kamath crafts the elegant cutwork design from sterling silver, giving it a look that’s sure to impress— be it nestled among your everyday necklaces or between the pages of your favorite book. ​​This bookmark-slash-pendant features an intricate cutwork design rendered in sterling silver.

Handmade in India.

Edge Light Clock

From bedtime to go-time, this compact light and alarm combo makes your routine easy as Sunday morning. Use the light side for reading, then when it’s time for some shut eye, flip it over to the clock side (the light is soft, so it won’t disturb your sleep). If you need a snooze, just give it a shake. To turn it off completely, just give it a flip. Its space-saving design will leave room for all those books you’ll get to eventually, or fit in your suitcase for easy travel. Includes a USB charging adapter.

My Life Story – So Far

Inspire parents and grandparents to create a lasting family keepsake that will be treasured for generations. Beginning with “The Early Years,” this uniquely designed journal is organized in nine sections, each containing thought-provoking prompts to spark a colorful personal memoir that captures the memories of first dates, lifelong friendships, meaningful stories, and pearls of wisdom gathered along the way. There’s even a section dedicated to list the things you hope to accomplish next!

Literary Glass

Toast to the timeless themes of classic literature with these glasses featuring text from favorite books. The graphic cachet of first edition title pages is paired with passages from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and Alexandre Dumas’s Count of Monte Cristo. These glasses make distinctive barware and a great gift for any literature lover.

Banned Books Scarf

Take a stand for unfettered speech with this bold scarf printed with once-censored titles. The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird—they all might be well-loved classics, but they have something else in common: they were all banned at one point. Use fashion to take a stand for freedom of expression with this bold, hand-printed scarf on which notable offenders are artfully censored. Made of a soft blend of 80% cotton and 20% silk.

Personalized Library Card Pillow

Check out these pillows personalized with your family’s details in a playful homage to a classic library card. With your family name as title and parents’ names as authors, children become the borrowers with their birthdays as check-out dates. Fun home decor accents for librarians, teachers, and book lovers, they’ll quietly add color to any couch or bed.

Mini Library Scented Tea Lights – Set of 10

Inspired by a tale of unrequited love among reckless, wealthy socialites in the beach mansions of Long Island, The Green Light smells like 1920s perfume mixed with the sea. The Scarlet Letter, sweetly dark and seductive, combines fragrances of wild red roses and black currant, inspired by the symbolism of the rosebush in the haunting American classic. 10 unique scents.

Ideal Bookshelf Art

You know the old saying: You can judge a bookshelf by its covers. These charming illustrations tell the stories of colorful collections of books, making them lovely additions to your home library or artful gifts for your favorite bibliophile. Each display of beloved titles is painted by the artist in Maui, then printed on high-quality cotton photo rag paper in Oregon. (As any book lover will tell you, a soft, thick page makes the whole experience that much better.) Several different designs and titles to choose from.

Magnetic Notebook

This notebook’s brilliant design blends paper’s flow and permanence with digital’s flexibility. It looks and feels like the high quality hardcover notebooks favored by thoughtful types in coffee shops, with one mind-blowing difference: the pages are “bound” to a magnetic spine, so you can pull them out and put them back in anywhere you like, perfect for people like me whose current notebook are a mess.  Vegan leather binding in either blue or black. 55 sheets/110 pages (lined and unlined refills, too).

Flask Book Box

Taking a page from Prohibition-era stashes, these boozy books stows your spirits away until you’re ready to share with your most trusted partner in crime. Made from reclaimed library books, the warmly weathered cover opens to reveal the first few pages of a well-loved novel, then a final flip reveals a hollowed out holder for the included 6-ounce flask. Set this handsome vintage tome on your bookshelf and channel your inner-Hemingway or Bukowski whenever the occasion strikes.

Literary Candles

Transport yourself to Alice in Wonderland’s madcap tea party, Sherlock Holmes’ study, Jane Eyre’s ambrosial rose garden, or an ivy-filled escape out of Pride & Prejudice with these bookish candles. Named for the locations in literary classics, these soy candles evoke the book’s most memorable moments as they ignite your imagination. Choose from four, fantastic custom blended fragrances that evoke the book’s most memorable moments. Hand-poured in Valley Stream, New York.

Writer Playing Cards

Did you ace all your lit classes, or were you too busy reading extra-curricular novels? Whatever your story is, you’ll declare this deck “unputdownable.” Each card features a stunning watercolor portrait of a literary great, from Marcel Proust to J.K. Rowling, and the four suits are mid-century, modern, contemporary, and postmodern. (Nabokov and Borges are the Jokers. Perfect, right?) Whatever game you play, you’ll be in the best of hands. Designed in London. 

City Skyline Bookends

Your library can take you to wonderful places: Gatsby’s East Egg mansion, the mountains of Middle Earth, the skyscrapers of Chicago…Celebrate your love of big city skylines with these silhouette bookends. Each city’s skyline and cut from carbon steel, each set includes the iconic landmarks that make these cities (New York, Chicago, DC, San Francisco, and Seattle) instantly recognizable—and unforgettable. Handmade in Kentucky.

Page Anchor

Not all books are page-turners. Sometimes you need to stay put, like when you’re testing a pie recipe from your trusty cookbook or analyzing a pie chart for your economics homework. This elegant stainless steel bookmark lets you hold your place by keeping your reading material propped open. (Don’t worry, the metal won’t leave marks on the paper or damage the spine. Created in Sweden and inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, the bookmark is designed to accommodate hard and softcover books of all sizes.

Shakespearean Insults Chart

We all know someone who deserves to be dubbed a “penurious and indubitate beggar.” And from time to time, you may be tempted to say that “he has not so much brain as ear-wax.” This infographic is chock-full of such colorful insults from Shakespeare, the playwright who practically invented the art of the poetic put-down. An endlessly entertaining word map of the Bard’s boisterous, bawdy jabs.  Makes the perfect reference and decor for an astute office, library, or thespian lounge. Made in Seattle.

Personal Library Kit

The perfect gift for the generous reader. For a bibliophile, there’s no greater pleasure than sharing beloved books, but no crueler pain than losing them for good. Enter the Personal Library Kit, the perfect gift for the generous reader.

Kate Spade Canvas Book Tote w/Inner Pocket

Cute canvas tote bag is printed with a multicolored stack of books with all your favorite classic titles. Made of a heavyweight canvas making it durable enough to tote around all your things with an awesome interior pocket to store your loose items.

Bards Dispense Profanity Game

The judge presents a yellow card, your fellow kitchen-table thespians respond, and before you know it, you’ve got “If music be the food of ill-shaped fishes, play on.” A laugh-till-you-cry look at the Bard’s smutty side, the raunchy hilarity of this game knows no bounds. Invented by an English professor and his students, this adult card game asks the low-brow literary question, “To be profane, or not to be?” It includes 100 mock-serious questions for our time and 375 responses drawn word-for-word from the works of William Shakespeare. For four or more over-educated adult players only.

English Usage Chart

Irregardless of its importance, we could care less about the Oxford comma. Just kidding! That sentence makes us squirm, too. If bad English leaves you (or a loved one) in tears, this print may be the antidote to your suffering. It cleverly explains what’s wrong with our most common lingual mix-ups using fun examples that reference the likes of Kurt Cobain and Nic Cage. Not a grammar expert? It’s also a great gift: for English teachers, grammar enthusiasts, lit lovers, and backseat proofreaders. (We all know one.) 

Magnetic Tea Tray Set

This magnetic tray set is th perfect gift for those who plan to be cozied up reading this winter. Honestly, a tea party for one might be the best kind. Enjoy your favorite hot beverage safely while reading in bed or while cozy on the couch using this smart, high-design setup. Featuring a handcrafted wooden tray with hidden magnets inside, it’ll keep your mug in place and spoon steady at the ready as you enjoy your favorite snacks. Mug and spoon included.

New Yorker Caption Card Game

The New Yorker is revered for its agenda-setting journalism. But there’s a huge contingent that live for its cartoons. Based on the magazine’s popular weekly contest, this game invites players to create the most witty, uproarious captions for iconic—and often sardonic—cartoons. One player judges the best caption but also has to guess who wrote it—a new twist on card games like Apples to Apples. You may find that your friends are even funnier than you realized—but don’t worry about being a world-class humorist; in a game like this, the bad captions are part of the fun.

Jane Austen Socks

For the lady who takes Pride in being both well-read and well-dressed, meet our new Jane Austen-inspired socks. Adorned with 18th century-style floral patterns and the silhouette of the wordsmith herself, this lavender pair adds the perfect pop of whimsy to any bookworm’s wardrobe. Quote- “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!”

Library Card Socks

Calling all book lovers! Made to look like an empty library card waiting for new readers, this cozy set of socks celebrates your most beloved titles and the ones you’ve yet to crack. Makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the bibliophile in your life–am I the only one who LOVES new socks at Christmas? Let’s get cozy with a good book!

May your Holidays LIT-erary

For your friend or family member who always has books on the mind, these accessories and home decor will complement their hobby.We hope you found a few ideas that the bookworm in your life will love. If you’re looking for Gifts to get you in the Holiday Spirit, White Elephant Gifts, Unique Gift for School-Age Kiddos and more, we have you covered.