modern boho living room

Modern Boho Living Room

Modern Boho Living Room

With a fun mix of colors and textures, you’ll love your relaxing boho living room.

Modern Boho Living Room

Boho is the modern twist on the coastal beach design. Modern boho looks are less about hues of blue and seashells and more about natural beige white and textured materials. This creates a sense of calm and tranquility, giving you a space to thoroughly enjoy your time in. 

Modern boho looks give you the creative freedom to add as much, or as little color as you want. Add jewel tones and statement pieces for an eclectic modern boho look, or dress it down with soft hues,  for a clean, monochromatic look. 

In this look I’ve focused on yellow, gold, grey and geometric patterns. The yellows and golds really make the space warm and inviting and the greys and geometric patterns add texture and contrast. 


Modern Boho Living Room

Modern Boho Living Room

Yellow, Gold & Grey

Gold & Grey Modern Boho Living Room Decor

With the right modern boho furniture you can change your look as you see fit, or as you find new pieces. It’s a super fun decor look to change up often, which is great if you’re like me, and love to rearrange and redecorate your living room all the time!

Modern Boho Living Room
modern boho living room

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