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10 Beautiful Boho Bedroom Sets

The Boho Trend

What’s great about the boho style is that you can really make it your own. Boho-chic, rustic-boho, minimalist-boho, retro-boho, or my favorite, urban jungle boho.  In bedrooms, boho tends to be less busy and presents as a more minimalist form of the style.

With a boho bedroom the possibilities really are endless. Like a great little black dress, these boho bedroom pieces are timeless, and can be dressed up or down, and changed over time to suit your current style. 

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Boho Bedrooms

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What is Boho?

A brief history of Boho

Boho is short for bohemian, or the French word bohémien. Originally the term for gypsies wandering Bohemia, it later evolved to include any “starving artist” who lived a nomadic lifestyle.

More recently the boho culture existed in Greenwich Village in New York City, starting in the mid-1910s. These were free-thinking radicals who preferred informality over social structure. 

After a massive revival period in the 60s and 70s, then experiencing some downtime during the 80s and 90s, boho is now back in a major way. 

Today, bohemian or boho is a term we use to describe any style that takes its influence from those nomadic free spirits of generations past. The modern boho look is eclectic and incorporates ethnic and vintage pieces.  

Boho Your Way

Many think of the bohemian style as a room filled with tons of bright color & eclectic pieces. That would be considered a more traditional form of boho, and what I would refer to as ‘eclectic boho’. 

As we’ve established, boho is a style without any strict rules. It can chic & girly, retro with lots of bright shades, funky & retro, rustic & earthy or even done in minimalistic style with pastels or neutrals. Whatever your style is, you can incorporate it with boho. 


10 Best Boho Bedrooms

Our curated collection of stylish boho beds & bedroom furniture is designed you bring you a fresh look that matches your unique tastes and budget.

Here’s ten amazing ways to embrace the beautiful and versatile boho look in your bedroom.

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The Virginia Collection

Stylishly simplistic, this wooden boho-chic collection has classically pretty shaping. 

Mango and acacia wood 6-drawer dresser with a classically feminine look that gives any space a romantic feel. With three rows of 2 drawers, all equipped with metal channel glides and elegant metal pulls, featuring a base with wavy apron overlays. 

Carved details along the apron of the bed make for a lovely way to frame your sleeping space. Set on slim legs.

Crafted from mango and acacia wood with a classic, femme aesthetic, this media console features two shelves and a cutout at back for hiding away wires. 

Balinese Carved Wood Headboard

Siam Sawadee

Stunning hand-carved panels made from reclaimed teak make the perfect boho backdrop. 

Use as a headboard or decorative wall art, it’s sure to transform your space with ith it’s captivating three-dimensional motif of vines and lotus blooms.

These beautiful, intricate carved wood headboards are handmade by hill tribe artisans of northern Thailand.

The Amelia Collection

Simply boho-rustic platform bed made from solid mango wood. Slatted base with a reinforced center to perfectly support your mattress. 

Amelia 3- Drawer Dresser

Crafted from premium mango wood in a natural finish that enhances the grain, this 3-drawer dresser features a minimalist silhouette. Sturdy dresser with four tapered legs that reference mid-century style, complete with rounded metal pulls..

Your wardrobe will be sorted with this beautiful mango wood armoire, featuring so many ways to store. Main compartment features 2-door closure with hanging bar up top and a removable, adjustable shelf. Base features two drawers for easy organization.

Mango wood desk from the Amelia collection with mid-century modern motifs. Featuring tapered legs with a flat tabletop and dual pull-out drawers for storing files and take-out menus.

Store records, books, plants and more with this low credenza from our Amelia collection. So sleek with rustic appeal courtesy of the natural mango wood grain.

Marion Canopy
Bed Frame


Classy & stylish design in a clean silhouette. Hang canopy netting, twinkle lights, macrame & houseplants from the frame to add height and texture to your room.  Perfect bed frame to become the centerpiece of your boho bedroom.

Pair your canopy bed with canopy netting (can be used with or without frame) or twinkle light curtains to give it that extra cozy, boho feel.

The Lita Collection

Make the most of your space with this mindi wood bed frame, flanked by a bench extension for storing books, extra blankets or tomorrow’s outfit. Platform frame features slatted base and angular legs with a modern-cozy look. has classically pretty shaping. Carved details along the apron make for a lovely way to frame your sleeping space. Set on slim legs.

Modernist boho storage cabinet with a slatted design featuring dual doors that hinge open to reveal a top hanging rod and trio of adjustable, removable shelves. Lends your space extra room for storage, perfect for tucking away clothes, shoes and even dining essentials.

Mindi wood 6-drawer dresser featuring a slatted design that lends your space a fresh, modern look. Equipped with 3 rows of 2 drawers featuring cut-in pulls and wooden glides.

Platform Beds

Carved from sustainable mango wood, this Urban Outfitters exclusive Bohemian Platform Bed adds an understated rustic touch. Complete with a sturdy slatted design so no box spring is needed!

Available in natural wood grainblack or white
in sizes twin through king. 


Boho Bedroom sets

The Ria

With a 70s-inspired boho look, this bed frame from the Ria collection features a looped rattan construction with a graphic, linear design. In a natural finish with a curving silhouette featuring rounded corners at headboard and around framed base.

So retro, you’ll feel just like one of the Golden Girls! This 70s-inspired dresser from the Ria collection is made from rattan + mindi wood in a pale, natural finish. Made with chevron weave drawers + looped, linear base and edges.

Like a vacation for your treasures, this rattan bookshelf from the Ria collection is a sunny piece we love. With interwoven rattan strands along top arch + providing the base for each of the four shelves. 

The retro Ria rattan room divider screen is the perfect way to break up your space with boho-approved appeal. Tri-panel screen folds up for easy storage and adds a boho vibe to any space.

Nightstand features rounded edges and a looped linear design with a chevron-weave rattan drawer. With a cutout drawer pull + open bottom shelf, all set on a looped base. 

The Marte Collection

It’s vacation vibes all the time with this minimal boho rubberwood collection. 

For vintage-inspired boho style, this beautiful vanity with woven cane panels is the perfect getting ready spot. Mid-century-inspired silhouette features a mirror that flips up from lid and is flanked by two drawers with cutout pulls. Trio of storage compartments are perfect for putting away makeup and more.

Beautifully retro, yet minimal boho bedframe with a rattan inset headboard. Features rounded corners and a supportive slatted surface so no box spring mattress is needed! 

Storage cabinet made from gmelina wood in a natural woven look we love. Swinging door cabinet features 3 shelves and hanging bar inside for organizing clothes, shoes + so much more. 

The Olivia Collection

Dream sweet boho dreams in this rustic boho textural bedroom set. 

Modern-boho mango wood bookshelf, crafted in India with a three-tier design and hinging, collapsible structure that tucks away if you need extra room.

The rustic-boho Olivia bed frame is made from mango and acacia wood with dowel legs and natural, woven jute strands forming a headboard and footboard. Finished with slatted base and support legs underneath. 

Rustic bohemian textures meet modern construction in this 6-drawer dresser from the Olivia collection. Featuring a mango wood build with round double knobs on each drawer and a standing base. Top drawers feature strands of jute for added dimension.

Section off your space with boho-rustic styling signatures when you prop up this tri-paneled room divider screen. Made with a mango wood frame in a natural finish and swirling grain, bound with strands of natural jute for a textured look.

Modern-boho dresser, cut tall made with a mango wood frame that captures a rich, swirling grain along the four-drawer construction with two knobs on each & signature jute top drawer.

Non-Traditional Boho Headboards

Who says a headboard has to be a headboard? With the boho style almost anything goes, check out these less than tradition headboard options. 

Use them as boho-approved wall hangings or hang above your bed to give your space focus.

Be Yourself Boho

We hope you we able to find some boho pieces to inspire you & help you redefine your space!

Perhaps you even learned a little bit about which type of boho you prefer. Leave us a comment below, we’d love to know which you like best. 

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