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modern boho living room

Modern Boho Living Room

With the right modern boho furniture you can change your look as you see fit, or as you find new pieces. It’s a super fun decor look to change up often, which is great if you’re like me, and love to rearrange and redecorate your living room all the time!

boho bedroom looks

10 Beautiful Boho Bedroom Sets

Let your bedroom be anything but boring with 10 unique boho bed frames from Goldilocks Effect. These bohemian beauties will wow with carved wood, intricate detail and craftwork. Shop our curated collection of “just right” boho beds today.

Tiny House Living

Tiny House Mania

Tiny houses are on trend right now, but while the minimalist lifestyle has benefits, it brings some challenges. Tiny houses can help people live debt free and they’re more environmentally friendly.