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Welcome to Goldilocks Effect, a space designed to help you find that “just right” in your home, finances and travel & gift giving.  I’m Amanda,  a design and travel enthusiast and expat from Seattle, Washington. Feeling very blessed to be on this adventure and living in beautiful Southsea, England with my husband Matt.

We left behind the corporate world in April 2019 and have never looked back. We’ve been living our best life abroad as a digital nomads & loving every minute of it. We’ve got a cozy place by the sea, and  had the best time decorating it!

Travel is such a beautiful experience, and we truly wish you all the chance to stay somewhere other than “home” for a while. We were able to achieve the financial freedom to do this through working online. In our articles we’ll be showing exactly what we’ve done to allow us to live our dreams.

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